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Property Manager Collateral & Duties
This page is for the use for landlord owner managing their own apartment or for a third party professional property manager. In either case whether managed a landlord owner or by a third party manager the position will be refered top collectively as the "property manager."

The property manager is accountable for the delivery of all Body Corporate collateral to the incoming (and outgoing) residents,

If you are unsure read the Property Management Duties for the BC and use the Rental Property Managers Checklist;

Please ensure that the pro-forma letter has been signed for by the incoming residents and the proiperty manager; this confirms to the Body Corporate that the tenant has a copy of necessary documents and has been properly inducted to the Apartment complex. If this is not done, the task will be undertaken by Body Corporate Management at the cost of the owner.

We cannot impress on you enough that your tenants contribute toward the good reputation and harmony of the apartments, which in turn maintains the overall value of all owners who have invested in the building.

Core Delivery Documents for your Tenancy Management;


Property Management Duties for the BC

Rental Property Managers Checklist

Proforma Letter for Property Managers Landlords & Tenants

HDML: BC required Duties and Checklists for the Landlord/Property Manager; and

PDF: A Proforma Letter for the Property Managers (PM): both pages are to be filled out signed & returned to the Body Corporate;

New Residents Checklist

Departing Residents Checklist

Residents moving into and out of into the Endeavour Apartments complex

Body Corporate Rules

Resident Guidelines for Apartment Living

PDF: Full Body Corporate Rules

PDF: Comprehensive guide for owners & tenants living at Endeavour Apartments.

Update of Property Manager Details

Update of Tenant Details

HTML: Online forms to update change of the Property Manager and apartmentsd tenants
Fire Evacuation Plan PDF: Public Area Notices of the Complex's Fire Evacuation Plan

Policy Notices

PDF: The policy notices give guidance in regard to rules areas are often overlooked by apartment residents. Be aware that the Body Corporate will forward incurred T&M costs to unit owners where there are breaches; where the apartments are rented - expect these costs to trickle down.

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  • Reference Credit Checking & Tenant Information
  • Tenancy Info for Landlords - PMs
  • Check for past Tenancy Tribunal Orders
  • Education Resource for Landlords - PMs