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Landlord or Property Manager Duties

This is a webpage for the Landlord or Property Manager - "the property manager" - managing a property on a unit titled development. Because of its Unit Titled Development status, there are additional requirements and tasks that the Body Corporate requires of the property manager to be complied with, prior to the time the apartment is occupied. These requirements are for ensuring social expectations are understood as tenants will be living with others in the community - these expectations are identified in the Body Corporate Operational Rules (or the Body Corporate Rules), Residents Guidelines and Policies - and they all need to be complied with.

Tenant Selection
As the property manager managing a tenancy in the Endeavour Apartments, you are initially responsible for good tenant selection and then setting the right behavioural expectations of them whilst they reside there. In the event of apartment issues occurring - whether material or social, these will be promptly and effectively dealt with by the proiperty manager - especially those issues that adversely impact the rest of the community.

Manager Knowledge of the Property Managed
It is the responsibility of the property manager to ensure that they are 100% familiar with the layout and functionality of all aspects of the apartment they manage, the location of its associated car parks and the location of communal service areas of the Endeavour Apartments complex. Where owners are unable to provide this information, a good professional manager will quickly be able collate that information.

Body Corporate Collateral as part of Tenancy Agreements
As the property manager, there is a responsibility and duty to ensure that the Body Corporate Rules, Residential Guidelines and Policies are communicated to, and understood, by your tenants at the time of signing of their tenancy agreement. As required by the current Residential Tenancy Amendment Act 2010, the Body Corporate Operational Rules form part of the tenants Residential Tenancy Agreement therefore must be appended to it. It is not acceptable for any property manager to simply pass the URL of the Endeavour Apartments website to tenants to satisfy their property management obligations of the Body Corporate; that is ensuring that the Body Corporate Operational Rules, Residential Guidelines & the Policies have been received and understood by the incoming tenants.

In addition to tenants having been issued with copies of rules, guidelines & policies, please ensure the URL of the Endeavour Apartments website is also passed on to them for their future reference.

For the property manager, the Body Corporate has a pro-forma letter that needs to be signed by both the property manager and all of the resident tenants prior to occupation of the residential tenancy; this confirms to the Body Corporate that the tenant/s have a copy of necessary body corporate documents, that they have been properly inducted to the apartment and to the apartment complex. If this is not done, the task may be undertaken by Body Corporate Management at the cost of the owner.

Non Compliance of Managers
Non compliance of Endeavour Apartments Body Corporate Rules and policies that cause additional & unnecessary cost on the Body Corporate, will see those costs forwarded onto the owner/landlord.

We cannot impress on the property manager enough that tenants contribute toward the good reputation and harmony of the apartment complex, which in turn maintains the overall value of all owners who have invested in the complex.

Please make sure the Body Coporate requirements are an integral part of the tenanting process.