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This page is for rental tenants residing at Endeavour Apartments. Most of this information should have been provided to you by your landlord/Property Manager at the time the Residential Tenancy Agreement was signed, however this page provides a web point of reference.

Fire Evacuation Plan PDF: Public and Private Apartment Notices of the Complex Fire Evacuation Plan
Body Corporate Rules PDF: Full Body Corporate Rules

New Residents Checklist

Departing Residents Checklist

PDF: Proforma Checklists for Residents moving and out of into the Endeavour Apartments complex

Resident Guidelines for Living at Endeavour

PDF: Comprehensive guide for owners & tenants living at Endeavour.

Policy Notices

PDF: The policy notices give guidance in regard to rules areas are often overlooked by apartment residents. Be aware that the Body Corporate will forward incurred T&M costs to unit owners where there are breaches; where the apartments are rented - expect these costs to trickle down.
Update Resident Tenants Details HTML: Online form to update new arrivals into a flatting use of an apartment

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